Apathy is a condition where a person lacks interest in everything and shows no interest in things happening around him.It often misunderstood with depression. This both issues have similarities but they aren’t same.Apathy can be a symptom of depression. Sometimes it can also be the primary symptom of mental health problems, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. Some syndromes –
★Lack of effort to do something.
★Depending on others
★having no desire to learn something new
★being ignorant about own problems
★feeling emotionless

It’s really necessary to be diagnosed by a doctor before coming to any conclusion.Being lazy, you may feel many of those syndromes and so it’s hard to diagnose apathy without any specialized doctor.It might be red alret of Stroke,Schizophrenia etc.
It’s a human nature to have interest. Many incidents cross our paths that makes us hopeless and stop us to be curious.I think, it’s never wrong to to let you feel the raw emotions untill it’s on a good track.Hurdles are meant for success.As you can’t change the temperature but you can definitely control how you want to feel it.Same,you will have your part of problem but In sha Allah you can decide how you want to feel it.
”Do your thang”

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