Why Should You Read Books Daily

Sometimes we get a huge proportion of time time during our break either in school /colleges or workplace or any crisis moment. Then we roam in deep thought what to do now? How can we get the best out of this time?

We all know due to covid 19 circumstances we getting a huge leisure time.Many of us spending this leisure time by doing productive works such as skill development , reading books, starting a new startup, researching, acquisition of a new habit, etc. while others just wasting their time by eat-sleep-watch.

Starting of a new habit like reading books can be very productive and efficient for anyone.

But before starting reading any forms of books a question may rise in your mind, ” Why I read book? Is it really beneficiary and productive or you are suggesting me as you can’t get enough customers for selling books?

The last segment of imagined question seems a little bit weird and funny but it’s unfortunate truth that there’s a noticeable decrease of readers in past decades. In the era of enormous uprising in the technology sector, people are getting fully attached with the internet and wasting their valuable times on it – except working and learning hour. That’s why they’re getting more lonely day by day.

But reading books can turn their life away.

There are some unique reasons for which everyone use a minimum proportion of time in reading books

1. Mental Stimulation

Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power.

Like other muscles of our body, our brain also needs a certain amount of exercise to keep itself healthy and strong. When you read books you should take time to anlayse it and write a review of it. That will keep your brain mentally stimulated.

2. Critical Thinking

Suppose you choose a book for study that is about diplomacy, geopolitics or any kind of books like this. While studying these you will find many forms of contradictory knowledge, debates and you’ve to find the way to accommodate that. So you ‘ve to think deep and deep. Thus you’ll be able to develop the power of critical thinking gradually.

3. Stress Reduction

No matter how much stress or pressure you feel in your day to day life either in work, study or relationships, it just goes out from your mind while you became engrossed totally in a great book. It can be a novel, a research or a feature whatever it is, it will surely distract you from pressure, anxiety or stess and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax.

4. Strengthening Worldviews

Reading books about different cultures, customs, traditions, civilizations, horizons can give us a different perspective of looking at people and the society at large. It can broadens our outlook towards different elements of any society, removing our bias aganist a particular gender, race, section of people. Reading books also can enable us to increase our acceptance of the differences in cultures, religions and values. Thus our worldviews gets strengthening.

5. Self-discipline and Consistency

We’re living in the era of technological advancement. In order to cope with this, our attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multi-task through every day. And thus our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

With the modern barrage of media and instant technological information, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multi-task through every day. But it’s creates negative impact as we tend to lose our productivity day by day. It’s also a barrier to maintain a disciplined life.

Within the pressure of our busy life it’s hard to manage time for anyone to read books. But when you read a book, all of your attention is focused on the story—the rest of the world just falls away, and you can immerse yourself in every fine detail you’re absorbing. And thus it will help you to maintain consistency.

6.Vocabulary Expansion

While reading, you will come across a lot of words that you don’t recognise. Then you must take a look at dictionary for their definition. While checking them you may find new words and you may engage yourself to find it’s meanings. Thus your vocabulary will be increased.

Reading an hour a day will expose you to four million words per year. With increased vocabulary, it would be easier for you to communicate in any situation.

7. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that makes you capable of understanding every situation properly and take proper actions suitably. It is regarded as one of the most desired skill for the 21th century.

By reading different varieties of books you will learn to react in the every possible situations. By acquisition of vast knowledge you will be able to adapt yourself to any situations. It will provide you a great benefit in every difficult situation. Thus you can acquire a great skill that will always keep you ahead from others.

8. Obtaining Success

We all know that in order to attain success everyone needs to have some capabilities or skills either in professional or in personal life. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg this names are quite familiar, isn’t it?

Anyone can recognise the successful leaders like them. Do you know what are their hidden secret behind their success? The answer is easy and I think you guessed that. It’s because they’d formed a great habit like reading books from their early life. For instance, Warren Buffett tend to read 600 to 1000 page in a day at the starting of his professional career! Bill Gates reads 50 books every year. Mark Cuban reads more than 3 hours a day. And if you read book daily, you will become successful one day like them.

9. Improving Communication

In our day to day life we often face some people who can’t even communicate properly. Due to lack of communication skill, they fail to cope up with the society. And the people surrounding him can’t understand them properly. Their inabilities leads them to self-isolation and unfortunately most of them commit suicide.

The society can leave them alone but the books will always accompany them. Reading books can help them to get in touch with the society. By having a vast knowledge with a huge vocabulary everyone will be able to make effective conversation. They will able to create links between the society. And thus they will be able to unleash their potentials and improve their communication skill.

10. Increasing Creativity and Imaginative Power

Books can transport you to other realms where you can discover a new world. You will learn lessons interactive through different characteristics. You will be able to analyse any incident from different perspective. And thus your imagination power can be improved. Also, you can take your power of creativity into another height.

There are many more benefits like that. So, don’t waste your time rather use it effectively forming good habits like reading books.

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