Break the Ice


How many times it happened to you that you wanted to adopt to a new environment but you ended up being the most silent person in the hall?

It’s not a very unique situation. Most of us face this situation in our daily life but it’s threatening when it turns into a hurdle on the way of our dream.We all have latent talents but it’s of no use untill you unveil it to the whole world.More or less everyone hesitates to bring them out.

Whenever we think

of saying or doing something the first thoughts that bump into our head is “Will everyone be accepting this?” “Am I good enough to do this?” On this ocean of pessimism, we lose our inspiration. Our thoughts start stumbling even before we start.We lose the power to start.

In order to start something good or present ourselves we need to break the ice.We need to fight with our inertia.Because to me-

“Hesitation and Success can not be on the same track”

We need to say to ourselves that-

“We are not perfect but yet a masterpiece.”

We need to speak ourselves.If you can not muster your courage then close your eyes and take a deep breath.Then think everyone is to hear you and to follow you. It’s never easy to come out of the box but the result will never let you down.At the end of the day,you have only you.

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  1. আশুরা রহমান মেঘলা

    আমি বুঝতে পারছি না কি বলবো....
    অনেক ভালো লিখেছো💜 মনের কথা একদম💝

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