Stop Copying Others. Flourish Your Uniqueness

” Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Your uniqueness is your superpower.

Miss Awataf Nezari quoted this during a workshop on reprogramming mind.

Actually we dwell in a society where everyone doesn’t seem to be equal in society’s eyes.It’s true that we belong to different culture, religion, caste, nationality etc. and simply there will have diversities. But in our society, mistake is regarded like curse. If anyone make mistakes, the society treat him like an animal.They don’t either understand what are consequences of it or they become disguised. They humiliate them so much that sometimes many fall in deep struggle and sometimes he or she get traumatised.

In this circumstances, no one will try to invent anything new. Because they are aware that the society won’t take them easily. Because the decision makers of the society are either too much superstitious or totally foolish. It’s a very difficult environment for anyone who tries to unfold his/her potentials.

There are also a kind of people who fails to stand up just because of their poverty. You can find many child labourers who can’t reveal their creativity just because of their family’s financial incapabilities. It’s so troublesome for them.

There are also a another scenario where despite of having all the advantages, individuals fails to blossom their uniqueness. You can find them easily if you look around you. You can see many lazy people and rich kids around you who eagers to just eat and sleep without doing any form of work or just from copying others.

As they can’t do anything new so they tends to copy others. Without creating their own brand, they tend to copy the celebrities from the from different arenas.Therefore, their hidden intellectuals remains unfolded and if they fails to find out any proper guidelines, they gradually engulfs themselves in the sea of darkness.

They can be anyone among us and it can be you too. But don’t worry, if you fall in a situation like that I assure you that you don’t need to worry. If you are true to yourself, none can stop to achieve your goal.

Here are some advices which may help anyone flourishing their uniqueness :

1. Everyone is unique

The God created everyone with some uniqueness. Do the shape of your body fully matches with others? Your fingerprint? Your handwriting? Your body language? The answer is no,no,no and no. So why do you need to copy others? Why do you run behind trends? Why do you run behind the celebrities?

You are a unique person. Do whatever you’d like to do behind the limit. Reinvent yourself. Turn your life

2. Try to learn, don’t copy

Many of us maintain a regular habit of watching cartoon, movie,sports, playing games etc. Whatever we do there always remain some characters who attracts our attention towards them. We become so amazed we eager to do whatever they does. And sometimes when we start following their every actions , we become so unconscious that they can manipulate us easily and gain their them interests.And the result is, we tend to loose our individualism gradually.

We have stop to there. We must rethink before taking any actions. We will get many things to learn but if must learn from them, not following them blindly.

3. Unleash your creativity, don’t think about society

There are many individuals in every society who can’t let anyone go over them.That’s why they hinder other’s life. It’s natural and you have to go ahead keeping it on your mind. You may know Hazrat Mohammad (SM), Nelson Mandela, Rana Protap Singh and you will find them many more pious and righteous people like them who didn’t astray away from the way of truth.

Everyone grew up in a simple family and they fought against injustice, discrimination and everyone succeeded though they were minorities when they started their long journey. They were like us. If they can just pass away the society, so why you can’t?

4. Maintain Self discipline

There are 86400 seconds in a day. In this short proportion time we do have a lot of work to do.In addition, maintain a proper time management will help anyone to maintain self discipline. If you want to showcase your skills, self discipline will surely keep you one step ahead.

So, maintain a proper discipline and unleash your potentiality.

5. Make Your Own Brand

People admires those who makes their own brand. Exactly, if you have enough potentiality, you must unfold them and make your own brand that gives you recognition.

When you start going on your own way, you will definitely be able to flourish yourself and create a new brand.

There are many more advices which can be suggested . If anyone starts them, then it will have no endings. So, that’s enough for now. Stop copying others literally, focus on your goals, effort hard and get succeeded.

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