Success is not a rocket science!

Skills development is the way of identifying your skill gaps, and developing them. It is important because your skills determine your ability to execute your plans with success as well as your professionalism. 

Without the right skills, you will do nothing but frustrate yourself, waste your efforts, and spend a big amount of time dealing with rudimentary issues caused by the lack of knowledge or lack of skills, as opposed to progressing in your goal.

Most people neglect it and there are two prime reasons for that, which are;

  1. Get impressed by others’ achievements 
  2. Lack of self confidence 

Firstly, a lot of us get impressed by what others have achieved and in this process of getting impressed, we overlook the struggles and problems they have been through. 

Secondly, many of us feel this issue and it keep dragging us behind. Lack of confidence, plays the most negative role in achieving anything. We must have that belief in ourselves that whatever happens, we are going to do it. 

Therefore, it’s all about skills development. While we see others’ successes, what we don’t see are the countless hours they spent behind the scenes, honing their crafts, and building their skills. What we see as “talent” in others is the result of their thousand hours of hard work in which raw passion and human potential are turned into hard skills. Skills development is where we turn from beginner to novice, to intermediate, to senior, to expert. And henceforth, having the ability to conquer our goal.

We all face success in our journey, we have to enjoy the journey because if we quit it early, we miss a lot of fun.

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