Rivers are dying

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The health, wealth and happiness depend on her rivers. There are many big and small rivers. Most of the rivers rise from the Himalayas and fall into the Bay of Bengal. The rivers are the source of our economy. Bangladesh is also an agricultural country. The prosperity of agricultural depends on rivers. But it is a matter of great regrets that most of the rivers have been dried up due to some reason. If all the rivers of Bangladesh dried or polluted, the economy of Bangladesh will fall. Moreover, we barely find fresh water and fishes. Along that our agricultural will be fallen. There are some reasons behind this.

First is water pollution. If we polluted the rivers by throwing waste materials, then all the living animals and plants will be dead. We can also see that maximum wastages come from industrial factories. So, the factories authority should be careful about the disposal of waste. Sailing broken launches and motor boats causes water pollution by splitting oil. So, the river authority should be aware about those vehicles and take measurable step to stop those vehicles.

Second are unnecessary bridges. Bridges are preventing the flowing water of rivers. Moreover, the water can’t move steadily because of build unnecessary bridges. So, the authority and the people should take measure step to break down unnecessary bridges. If we can’t do this, then the 20% rivers will be dried up.

Last one is Farakka Barrage. Farakka Barrage is located in Mursidabad in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the responsible of dying most of the rivers of Bangladesh. Teesta, Kopotakkho, Mahananda and other small rivers dried up due to Farakka Barrage. Bangladesh governments are trying negotiating with Indian government to open the Farakka Barrage for some season in every year.

In conclusion, people should try to saving the rivers. We have to take steps to preventing rivers from dying. If we don’t do this, our country will face great crisis. So, we should do something about the dying rivers or it will be too late.




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