Fears Knocking by Israt Jerin Khan

Fears that are furious, fears which only blurres our mind, fears are those about which we actually don’t talk much. Everyone out there including me, my family, my friends, my friends, my billionaire crush has something to fear. Whether it’s about money or honour, love or lush, study or creativity, dreams of mine or my parents and it’s just go on and on. Some people owns a garage of money but they fear about losing that money. Some people are followed all over the world but they fear of getting negative criticisms. Some people hopes to get love despite end up getting only lush. It’s even a fear of girls if the white dress would suit her for the upcoming Eid party full of guests who are always there to point out the small details of her outlined lipstick. In fact, we fear most for our loved ones. Fear is everywhere. But the question is why do they actually exist? The answer is pretty simple it’s because we let them grow it inside us and also implant them to others mind knowingly or unknowingly. I somehow don’t know how to exterminate it from the core of the society or indeed from my mind hoping that we can evict this from our beautiful heart.

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”
— Rudyard Kipling.

A poor try of writing something by me… Israt Jerin Khan 😁
Institution:Adamjee Cantonment College

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