Freelancing By Musabbir Uddin

Title: Freelance in Bangladesh
Everybody knows about the freelance. Freelance is a self employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. In Bangladesh, freelance is popular among the young people and students. The students who are studying in universities are trying earning money by freelancing. It is very beneficial professions. It also reduces the unemployment problems. There are many types work as a freelancer. Those are:
Graphic Designer: Graphic designer is the most popular profession in field of freelance. It is very demandable. Most of the assignments are related to graphic design. If we want to become a graphic design, we need to learn the basic of some software. Those are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and vector. So, Graphic design is the favorite chose for the freelancer especially in Bangladesh. So, it is very easy step for the freelance in graphic design.
Web Development: Web developing is also popular. It is also demandable. But, it is difficult to learn. If we learn web developing, we need to learn html, c programming etc. But it is very high paid. It is favorites for the computer engineers. In Bangladesh, the freelancers’ second chose is web development.
Writing and Content: Writing is also a part of freelancing. It is famous among the writers and publishers. In online, some writers host their blog websites. For example: Dhaka tribune, khudlagse etc. It also gives the skill of writings. Some people earn their money by writing blogs or content. It is very informative for students and working class people.
Photography: Photography is a part of freelance. It is very easy things for the freelancer’s. People can upload their best photos to the social media or certain websites. Now, Photography is the most demandable professions in the field of freelance. Students can participate in photography events and earn money. If freelancers want to choose easy professions, it will be photography.
Software Development: Software Development is the most demandable profession. It is for the mobile applications or gaming apps developing works. It is the third chose for the freelancers. In Bangladesh, About 20% freelancers work as a software development. But it is more earnable than any other professions.
In conclusion, we can say that, we can rid of unemployment problem in Bangladesh through freelancing. Bangladesh government is trying developed the freelancing facilities. So, the young people didn’t want go their office. Now, they can work at home through freelancing. That’s it.

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