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6 (+ 1 bonus ) things you need to know before starting freelancing
Freelancing is definitely one of the most desired professions nowadays. Besides, the current pandemic prompts more to dive into this profession as many of the workers globally have lost their jobs. They are now seeking their stability again by occurring their work in the online marketplace. Seems easy right?
However, It always takes some extra efforts and some tricks and tips to shove in the long run. Stick with me and I will provide 6 + 1 bonus things that you need to know before advancing to this dreamy journey.
Skills:- Acquiring skills according to your niche is very momentous. Even if it seems a tiring task, you shouldn’t skip any of the process of becoming a skilled person. Remember, anybody can take up a task, but those who are really skilled can finish the task properly and are highly rewarded.
English:- As freelancing is done within the global limit so English as a communication medium is vastly used. Unlike the local jobs the foreign jobs are most likely to be described in English. So English is a must before joining this business otherwise many unexpected incidents may occur during the client brief.
Patients:- ‘Rome was not built in a day’ must have heard it right? It fits also for the freelancing sectors because there will be some uncertain times when you would be feeling like quitting but you shouldn’t. Freelancing is a long term process which takes a while but surely gives an effective outcome if nurtured properly.
Competition:- Not only you are thinking to start freelancing but also there will be thousands of thousands of other wanna be freelancers worldwide who would be joining alongside. So there is supposed to be less demand then supply. Hence, quality is what matters. The more quality you bring the more jobs you get.
Portfolio:- Portfolio is another important issue regarding freelancing. Successful freelancers always build up their portfolio and showcase their popular work and projects as much as possible. It helps them to gain more trust by the clients.
Marketing your projects:- We have talked about competition so it is crucial to reach to the clients before anyone else, otherwise no matter what our quality is we would remain at a corner of the crowd. So, nowadays marketing, or advertisement in other words, is a strategy to stand out from the crowd and reach as much as audience as feasible.
Bonus: additional skills:- this means having knowledge of the related niche of your chosen niche. Take graphics design as an example and you will get to know that if you do graphics design you can expand your work by designing the User Interface or assisting into web developing by providing logos or web contents.
To be honest, there is no shortcut and no specific way to be successful in this case but there is a certainty that if you are determined you can achieve higher feats

Name : Farhan Tariq
Institution : National University, Bangladesh
Class : BA Hons. 1st year, Department of English

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