Critical Thinking By Faiyad Zaim Ishrak

Title: Fallacy? Not likely.


Teenage minds like ours crave to ‘bring a change’ to the world. A common slogan- make the world a better place. So far, what I have come to deduce in my 6 years of understanding is that any change would have a positive impact as well as a negative. Miss Thunberg, famous ‘climate change’ activist spoke up against the industrialist assembly and urged to save ‘nature’. But as the world has not yet resolved its dependency on smoggy factories, states would take no time to go bankrupt if it were to think about nature. No change has ‘absolutely positive’ impacts. And it is truly impossible to benefit ‘everyone’ with such materialistic ideals. It’s good to speak up, but not always.

I say- why target the ‘system’ where the ‘executants’ are flawed? Why fight the ‘symptom’, but not the ‘sicknesses’? Why ‘incriminate’ our own, but not ‘terminate’ the problem? Humanity faces not one, but many crises. War, genocide, climate change, abuse of rights- they compose the darker part of humanity.

Leave aside human models, think of ‘absolute’ virtue and goodness in humans. But any ‘somewhat ideal’ human knows better, the basic criteria to be a ‘good person’. A good person- he loves and cares, respects all, gives proper value to everyone, thinks and talks good, resists himself from self-gain and never does or thinks of anything unjust.

A world full of such ‘good’ people would indeed be a sight. Now about the concern- how can this be achieved? What I believe, in this world of nearly eight billion there are more than enough ‘good’ people already. And every human being possible has acquaintances, if not friends. So it is pretty practicable to divert any friend in ‘goodness’ of this sort. As a neophyte to achieving this ‘new world order’, he would also influence others. This will go on, from one to another until it all comes back to where it all began. It may take years if not months. Yes, it may be more than just time consuming.

But think about it; by the time it has ended, what the world would look like. A world where black men can share seats with their white friends, where the in-laws don’t force the wife into anything, where the rich tycoon does not hesitate dining with a jobless waif and the company CEO would not reject the transgender applicant’s job resume- a utopia we have always dreamt of.

Not spreading another ‘hashtag’ campaign, or joining a fight would help; but through this ‘revolution of the heart’, much can be accomplished without violence. Now we need ‘loving sons’ more than ‘warring partisans’. These changes if massed up, would create a singularity so dense that none can escape its gravity. We would be fixing the ‘executants’ rather than discarding ‘systems’. We would be protecting the ‘symptom’ as well as address the ‘sicknesses’. And we can finally ‘respect’ ourselves and truly ‘terminate’ the problem. However, it is all a theory. Just in case ‘virtue is contagious.’


Faiyad Zaim Ishrak
Faujdarhat Cadet College

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