Photography By Shakib Ahmed

Nowadays almost everyone like to do photography.There is a misconception among some people who think that by having a good digital camera they can capture good photos.However, It’s not actually about the device,resolution or quality that really matters,what matter is one’s perception about seeing the things, one’s frame sense and composition, how they combine the scattered stories within a frame making one story and how they use their equipments what they already have.

Additionally, when it comes to composition the first thing I should mention is the Rule of thirds. What this composition is meant that you have to divide the frame in 9 equal rectangles. Nowadays in every android phones there is a grid line setting option in camera. Now, how to use this composition – while capturing a photographs you have to keep your subject on those 4 intersecting points.

Next one is Frame within the Frame.You have to select an interesting object or element which gives a different dimension with another frame.

Furthermore,to lead the viewers through the photograph and grab their attention on the subject Leading Lines can be helpful.

Moreover,Symmetry is another type of composition that refers to that photograph where both sides of the image hold equal weight and balance. In a ease note, if you can divide the photograph in two equal and identical portion Symmetry in the photograph is achieved.

Another composition which I would like to mention is Fill the Frame.You can use this composition when you want the viewer to focus on the main subject of your photograph without creating any distractions. Here you fill the whole frame with your main subject.

Last but not the least,while capturing your main subject If you use a shallow depth of field ( a small area in focus while the background is blurred ) ,you can isolate your main subject from the background. This composition is particularly helpful while shooting portraits.

On the whole, photography is way more than this. I have just discussed like one little drop of water from an ocean. If you want to pursue this art, you have to capture more and more photographs. After all, you can be the best at something if you practice that with patience and consistency.

Name : Shakib Ahmed
Institute : Mirpur Cantonment Public School & College

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