Self-Motivation by Sabrina Hossain Bithi

What is Self-Motivation?
The urge or force we feel inside us that inspires us to look forward to our journey or goal, that is called self-motivation. When it is time to develop ourselves or in the time when it is being hard for us to go ahead in our ways and we need someone to pull ourselves from that hole, that is the time we need this force to keep ourselves going on. In a journey, we have many obstacles to overcome but self-motivation is the force that keeps us on the track whenever we are about to lose hope.
Why is self-motivation important?
Well, if you are thinking that, in the hectic journey out of all the things, being self-motivated is not the very necessary thing, then you are totally wrong. Self-motivation is a progressive energy to develop ourselves. In our lifetime, on the way of our journey, it is really important to keep ourselves active. But there are hard times when you can feel lack of confidence. And like everyone else, you also want some push back to make you jump in that process again. But what will you do if there’s no one to push from your back? Exactly, then you need your own self to put you back in that place. It is very necessary to motivate yourself by your own self. Also, lack of self-motivation can interrupt your progress at a huge level. You can lose self-confidence and your journey can take a negative move.
How self-motivation helps-
Imagine being the protagonist of your own field? Yes. Self-motivation works like that. When you motivate your own self to develop, then you become your own adviser. And that become a huge confidence. Sometimes you need expert advise and imagine you telling yourself that you are an expert? Everyone passes that phase when they feel nothing good about them. This phase makes them lazy and reduce their ability to make the right move again. But when you motivate yourself to put yourself on the track again and then you become successful, you gain the confidence on yourself. This confidence can help you not only to gain your goals but also in many of the fields of your life.
How to practice self-motivation-
It is very normal to feel down sometimes. But it is also necessary to put yourself back again. You can practice this so that you can encourage yourself when needed. For that-
> You can praise yourself after doing something good
> You can appreciate your own works and words
> Start doing the things you left for later
> You can make a diary to write down after you accomplish something
> You can help people to achieve their goals so that you realize that someone got helped by you
> Encourage yourself to come out of your comfort zone
> Think positive and encourage other people to be positive
Also you have to keep in mind that self-direction and self-motivation are two different things. Self-direction can make you arrogant but self-motivation helps you to be confident.
Name: Sabrina Hossain Bithi
Institute: Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College

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