Importance of building up children mental health from early age

Our life has similarities with seeds. There are several stages of progress in #human beings such as children, toddlers, adolescents, young people, middle-aged adults and senior citizens. When the plant germinates from the seed, then the plant goes through the budding, flowering and maturing stages. Similarly, the nutritional needs of people and plants change as they increase.

At the child’s developmental stage, you can focus on getting the best results at the end of life by using your best parenting tools to protect your baby against all adversity. Your child may be involved in a variety of immoral activities at the Adolescence or puberty stage. The behaviour pattern also changes.

Our bodies have a tiny parcel of nutrients that help babies germinate and develop early in life. Most importantly, nourishing and nurturing should start from the beginning after the baby’s birth.

The development and spread of a child depend on a nutritious balanced diet that helps to grow mentally and physically healthy. We take care of its growth after planting a seed and do everything that is needed. Likewise, a child’s future depends on his upbringing.

“Your future in your hands, you just have to plant the right seeds.”~

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