Positive & Negative Effects of Playing Games

Today, young people love to play games to kill their time. They play games in mobile, PC, Play station and many other devices. Nowadays, they like to play online games. For example, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battleground), 8 Ball Pool, GTA 5 Online, Valorant, etc. But if we go back to the 19s, most of the games were offline and story-based. The story-based games were very interesting and exciting. For example, Medal of honor, Max Payne, Hitman, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and many more. Especially, Need For Speed Most Wanted was one of the biggest games in history. At present, people can even earn money by playing games through live streaming. But playing games has both positive side and negative sides. I want to describe the positive and negative effects of playing games.

Positive Effect: When you have to play online games, you have to be very sharp to win them. If you want to win PUBG or Valorant with the squad, you have to be co-operative to your teammates. Moreover, it can develop your leadership skills. Gamers can solve someproblems in real life quickly. Playing games gives us entertainment and improves our skills. English games can improve our vocabulary in English. They can also motivate to win anything. So, playing games is not only time passing.

Negative Effects: There are some demerits of playing games. First of all, it could be addictive for teenagers. Sometimes, there are some obscene scenes in games. If they play games for a long time, their brain and eyes may face serious problems. Moreover, playing games continuously without any break can be harmful for backbone. There can also be other family problems. For example, a long time ago, a China couple sold their children because their children got addicted to gaming too much. So, we should be very careful about it.

So, that’s it. Lock down is being started. So, young people can play games during lock down but only for a few hours.




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