Tour to Iswardi & Kushtia

Tour means a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited. I had gone to a tour a few days ago. My uncle AnjamHossain Don was the host of that tour. My mom’s cousins decided to go to a tour because for getting relief from the tensionof COVID-19. My whole family and aunties’ families attended the tour. On 28thJanuary, 2021, we left our home around 2pm and reached Kamalapur Railway Station. Our tickets were booked and we boarded the train named Bonolota Express together. There were around 28 people. After a five or six hour’s journey, we reached Iswardi. When we reached Iswardi, the weather was trembling cold. My uncle received with deep warm of heart. Then we took auto rickshaw and went to my uncle’s house. My uncle’s house is big. We somehow slept and spent the night.

In next day on 29th January, 2021, I and my cousin Meembhai woke up at 5.00am. Then we attended our prayers. After that, we saw the village covered with fog. We couldn’t see anything clearly. After sun rose up, the fog got cleared. Then we left for Padmachor at 9.00am. It is situated beside the Hardinge Bridge. My mother and aunties went by a pickup to reach the ghat. I and some of my cousins went to an auto rickshaw. After we reached the ghat, we boarded a boat. Then we saw many things during the journey. We saw Hardinge Bridge, Moni Park and other beautiful places. Then we reached Padmachor. After that, we played many games such as Football, Cock fight and many other sports. After, we went to the river to swim. After swimming, we took a bath. Then we ate our lunch. In the lunch, we had Bhunakichuri, Beef and Salad. After eating our lunch, we joined the raffle draw contest. In the contest, we had a lot of fun. About 5pm, the closing ceremony came to an end and we started for uncle’s house. We reached our uncle’s house at 7PM. After gettingfreshed, we participated in BBQ Party. My uncle talked about some motivated stories. We ate our dinner at BBQ party and slept.

In another day on 30TH January, 2021, we planned to go to the Kushtia. We visited two important places there. The first onewas Lalon Shah Mazar and thesecond one wasRabindranath Kuthibari at Shilaidaha. We left for Kushtia around 10.30am. About 1 hour bus journey, we reached Lalon Shah Mazar. We saw the sculpture of Lalon Shah and many graves of the people who inherited the talent of Lalon Shah. We visited around 1 hour. We bought some musical instrument and key rings. Then we went to the Rabindranath Kuthibari. Before going there, we ate our lunch in a restaurant. We reached Rabindranath Kuthibari around 2.30am. In Rabindranath Kuthibari, we saw many old things. For example, bed, dining table, sofa etc. We also saw some beautiful paintingsmade by Rabindranath. When I saw them, I was totally impressed. How could a poet do such paintings? But, he was an artist from all sectors of art. We picked some photos of Kuthibari. We saw a lake beside Kuthibari. It was beautiful. Then we left the Kuthibari at 4pm and started for uncle’s house. We reached uncle’s house at 7pm. After sometime, uncle arranged another BBQ Party. We enjoyed the BBQ party and ate BBQ chicken. After the BBQ party, I and some of my cousins played an online game named Among Us. Then we watched a movie. After the movie ended, we slept.

On 31TH January, 2021, we returned Dhaka. Before returning Dhaka, we went to my grandfather’s house. My grandfather is a Freedom Fighter. People respect him very much. When we reached grandfather’s house, my grandparents were very happy to see us. Then we visited the whole house. There was a badminton court in front of the house. After eating our lunch, we rushed to the station to catch our train to Dhaka. We reached Dhaka at 7pm and took rickshaws and reached our home safely with lots of remarkable memories.



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