Expressing emotions with COlOR

“My life is white ”

Colors tells a lot.To me every emotion has a color.My ruptured life is white to me.My stressed brain is brown.When the sun shines bright I’m a dancing yellow.Sometines there are many incidents which hurts us and so I call this state grey.Purple is really close to my hurt.It a great combination of read and blue.Red represents boldness and softness at the same time.Blue just tells the story of reliability, trust,greatness.Together purple stands for human nature.

This is how colors have taken over my mind.When the color mixes together my thoughts flow like wind.I have all those combination in my small thought box.But, most of the time I’m drowned in thoughts,confusions and a mix of emotion.This days, it’s hard for me to deal with my mind yet I love it.My thoughts keep conflicting and so I keep diving.Somedays,I can find the destinations of my confusion and sometimes it’s like a incomplete journal.It’s like having all the colors of rainbow in my mind together and that drives me crazy.Then I actually found that’s all white.White has all of them in itself.It tells my every part.It just gives an answer to my scattered emtions.It’s like canvas and I’m the painter of trust,ferociousness, kindness,humanity,shyness,love and every others.I kept scribbling on this canvas and I will.

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